Translation Services

Translate-it. We translate your document or web site from one language to another--rigorously, accurately, fluidly. We have vast experience in this field and pride ourselves on the quality of our service.

Editorial and documentation services

We work with you to prepare the document or other material in the language of your choice. In some cases this means translating a document but if you wish, we can do much more than that. For instance:

Edit-it. We check your document or web site, whatever the language, and suggest corrections that leave you with a professional, on-target text.

Sum-it. We prepare a summary of any document to help ease the load of the busy academic or professional.

Write-it. We work with your written or recorded notes and prepare the final document in the format and language you require. Ideal for executives and professionals with little time to spare.

Market-it. We work with you to develop marketing materials appropriate to your target market, wherever it is in the world.

Localise-it. We adapt the language of a document to suit a particular market, for instance changing from the Spanish of Spain to that of Chile or switching between United States English and British English.

We can produce a document or text in the format you like. Are you looking for Powerpoint presentation slides, webpages or desktop published documents in the language of your choice? Please donīt hesitate to contact us for a quote.